Jesus the Great Healer

January 31, 2021
Jesus’ ministry was characterized by love, grace and miracles--healing and deliverance from evil spirits-- through the power of the Holy Spirit. God still brings healing and deliverance today, sometimes in ways that can’t be explained by science, and other times through “everyday miracles” where love, sacrifice, forgiveness and grace are shown.

Encuentros at the Well

January 24, 2021
Jesus’ encounter (encuentro) with the Samaritan woman at the well led to an experience of community that was like living waters. During the current pandemic, we are thirsting for this water, and can find it if we are willing to cross barriers that divide us and share what we have with others.
The community of followers of Jesus grew as people who encountered him invited their family and friends to “come and see” him. We as a church and as individuals have been touched and changed by Jesus and have much good news to share with those around us. Let us open ourselves to be willing to invite others to “come and see”.

Formed in the Way of Jesus

January 10, 2021
As Christians, Jesus is the foundation of our faith. When we take our eyes off of him and his way of peace and love, we are susceptible to follow other leaders and ideologies that seek to divide and destroy, such as what happened at the Capitol on January 6.
When Jesus was a baby, his family fled to Egypt as refugees because of King Herod’s threat upon his life. Like Herod, we all are tempted to old onto power and use it for our own gain, even at the expense of others. Instead, we called to follow Jesus’ model of power through humility, servant-hood and sacrifice.

Eyes that See Salvation

December 27, 2020
The elderly Simeon and Anna had the eyes to see God’s salvation when the baby Jesus was presented in the temple. Can we see opportunities for salvation in our everyday experiences?

Rejoice Always?

December 13, 2020
In the midst of a pandemic year, can we heed the Apostle Paul’s words to “rejoice always?”. It is possible if we remember that Jesus is near and that nothing can separate us from his love.